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DDay Ste. Marie du Mont Map-Northern France
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DDay Ste. Marie du Mont Map-Northern France

Re-production D-Day Maps
A series of maps were produced in the run up to D-Day by the Allies as they planned the assault. Locations of gun positions, batteries, pill boxes and a range of defences such as anti tank trenches and underwater obstacles were plotted from aerial reconnaissance. The original maps have been digitally scanned in full colour.
Ste. Marie du Mont Map. Scale: 1:25,000
Trim Size: 730mm X 550mm
Sadly, for the moment this is the only map available in this series. Covering the area between Utah and Omaha beaches, nonetheless, this map gives an extraordinary insight into the observational qualities of the photographic interpreters. This edition dated 19 May, 1944 has been updated since the previous edition with new defences picked up from the photography.

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